Hallo, ik ben Carlo. This blog is a record of my time in the Low Countries with UC Berkeley. And also an intellectual journal – hence the name sometimes philosophical.

I started this summer on May 14th in Beijing and trekked my way across Eurasia. By trekked I mean took trains, planes, and a 15 hour taxi to visit 10 regions of China and then flew to Poland for a layover and discovered that they are still on the złoty 🤔 and arrived in Brussels promptly on June 19th. Eurostar to London. Train to Ware, England. Eurostar back to Brussels. Spent a glorious two weeks visiting family in Flanders and then took the train to Amsterdam. As of July 2017, I will be perusing the Netherlands and Flanders alongside a class of 21 UC Berkeley students, a Dutch professor, and a Dutch student assistant. And by perusing I mean an in depth study of the history, identity, politics, and culture of the low countries.

For the two people reading this, enjoy.